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CoverKraft's Ambitious Journey: Unveiling the 2024 Strategic Blueprint

Pioneering the Future of Insurtech

In the dynamic and rapidly advancing field of Insurtech, CoverKraft is setting the benchmark, poised to redefine the conventional paradigms of the insurance industry with our sophisticated, API-first SaaS low-code platform. Our vision for 2024 is not just a plan but a transformative agenda aimed at making significant strides in digital insurance. Here, we unfold the expanded blueprint of our strategic endeavours for the coming year, focusing on impactful innovations and global outreach.

Keynote Engagement at "Navigating the Next Frontier of Digital Insurance"

The year 2024 will commence with CoverKraft's proactive participation in the esteemed "Navigating the Next Frontier of Digital Insurance" conference, slated for January in the historic city of Athens, Greece. This event is a crucial confluence for deliberations on cutting-edge technologies, innovative digital distribution mechanisms, and overcoming contemporary challenges in the digital insurance arena. With an expected congregation of thought leaders, policymakers, and tech innovators, this event will be an ideal platform for CoverKraft to contribute insights and learn from global best practices.


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Eminent Presence at Insurtech Insights Europe

As spring ushers in new beginnings, CoverKraft is excited to mark its presence at Europe's premier Insurtech Conference at the InterContinental London – The O2, from March 20-21, 2024. This grand assembly, anticipated to draw over 6,000 participants, including industry magnates, pioneering entrepreneurs, and astute investors, will offer an unparalleled opportunity for CoverKraft to exhibit its latest innovations in Insurtech, demonstrating our role as catalysts in the industry's evolution.

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BIBA Conference 2024: Manchester Awaits

The BIBA Conference in Manchester on May 15 and 16 is another significant milestone on our 2024 calendar. We invite you to connect with our delegation, led by visionaries Adam and Ifigenia, to delve into how CoverKraft's solutions are reimagining insurance's future. This event promises to be a melting pot of ideas, trends, and discussions shaping the insurance sector's landscape.

Event Insights:

Strategic Global Expansion: Custom Solutions Across Continents

In our quest to cater to a global clientele, CoverKraft is dedicated to launching bespoke solutions that resonate with diverse market needs. Our initiatives stretch across continents, from offering customized products for North American Risk Retention Groups to innovating for aggregator startups in the burgeoning markets of South America and North Africa. Additionally, we are tackling the intricate challenges of the European health insurance sector, tailoring our offerings to meet specific regional requirements.

Q1 Roadmap: Elevating User Experience Through Strategic Integrations

Viber and WhatsApp Integration: Revolutionizing Client Engagement


The first quarter of 2024 will witness an expansion in our integration capabilities, extending from WhatsApp to Viber. This strategic move aims to enable direct and efficient insurance transactions on our platform, building on the success of our WhatsApp integration. We aim to offer a more seamless and user-friendly experience by enhancing client communication channels.

HubSpot CRM Integration: Optimizing Operational Efficiency

Our integration with HubSpot CRM is set to undergo significant enhancements, further empowering insurance professionals to streamline lead management, execute impactful marketing campaigns, and bolster customer relations. This integration is a testament to our commitment to driving operational excellence and efficiency within the insurance ecosystem.

Embarking on a Transformative Journey in 2024

As we unfold the chapters of 2024, CoverKraft is dedicated to leading the charge in practical and meaningful innovation within the Insurtech space. We invite you to join us at these pivotal events, explore our latest product offerings, and experience the tangible benefits of our strategic integrations firsthand. CoverKraft is more than a solution; it represents a progressive journey towards the insurance industry's digital transformation.