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White-labelled Insurance Platform


At CoverKraft, we understand the importance of maintaining your brand identity. That's why our white-labeled site feature empowers you to customize and brand your insurance platform according to your unique vision. With complete control over the design elements, you can create a consistent and professional user experience that reflects your brand's values and resonates with your clients.

Customize and Brand Your Insurance Platform

With CoverKraft's white-labelled site feature, you have the freedom to customize every aspect of your insurance platform. Start by incorporating your own logo, ensuring that your brand is front and center throughout the user experience. Our intuitive platform allows you to upload and position your logo effortlessly, guaranteeing a branded touch at every interaction.

Take the customization further by selecting colors that align with your brand guidelines. From the header to the buttons, you have full control over the color scheme. Choose hues that reflect your brand's personality and create a visually appealing interface that resonates with your clients. Our platform provides a simple and intuitive color customization process, allowing you to bring your brand to life.

To enhance the user experience, you can incorporate your branding elements throughout the platform. Whether it's fonts, icons, or graphic elements, our white-labelled site feature ensures that your brand's identity remains consistent across all touchpoints. By infusing your unique branding elements, you create a cohesive and recognizable experience that builds trust and credibility with your clients.

Create a Consistent and Professional User Experience


A consistent and professional user experience is key to building trust and loyalty with your clients. With our white-labelled site feature, you can create a cohesive branding experience that leaves a lasting impression. Every interaction, from the login page to the policy management dashboard, will reflect your brand's identity, creating a seamless and professional journey for your clients.

By customizing your insurance platform with your own logo, colors, and branding elements, you establish a sense of familiarity and credibility. Your clients will feel confident in navigating your platform, knowing that they are interacting with a trusted brand. The consistent branding also reinforces your professionalism and attention to detail, setting you apart from the competition.

With CoverKraft's white-labelled site feature, you don't just create a customized interface; you craft an experience that resonates with your clients. By immersing them in your brand's visual identity, you foster a connection that goes beyond insurance transactions. It's an opportunity to build brand loyalty and establish long-lasting relationships with your clients.



Customize, brand, and elevate your insurance platform with CoverKraft's white-labelled site feature. Deliver a consistent and professional user experience that reflects your brand's

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