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Who We Are

About CoverKraft

Theale, Reading

Our mission

CoverKraft was founded in 2022 by insurance experts and tech enthusiasts in Reading, UK. The company was created to revolutionize the insurance industry by providing a cutting-edge no-code platform.

The team behind CoverKraft recognized the growing demand for insurance products and services but also saw the challenges traditional insurance providers faced in delivering them efficiently and effectively. They realized that a no-code platform could solve these challenges. 

Core values

With years of experience in the insurance industry and a passion for technology, the team set out to create a platform allowing insurance providers to offer their products and services online efficiently. The platform was designed with simplicity, making it accessible to insurance providers of all sizes, regardless of their technical expertise.

CoverKraft is ready to embark on an exciting growth journey and leave a lasting impact on the insurance industry for years to come.

Meet Our Executive Team


Adam Headshot

Adam Judd

Managing Director

  • 20+ Years of Experience in Web and Digital Transformation 
  • Led the digital transformation of a large financial institution in North America, taking them from "no online presence" to a full digital landscape
  • Held various positions in Discover Digital, from Junior Developer in 2001 to taking over as Managing Director in 2014. 
  • Technical Authority on the Development of an end-to-end solution for various insurance engines, including algorithm creation and middleware integration
  • Developed, managed, and supported 100’s digital solutions during his tenure at Discover Digital
Ifigenia Arampelou

Ifigenia Arampelou

Director of Digital Transformation

  • 20+ Years Experience in Business Strategy and Programme and Project Management 
  • Designed the commercial model of the CoverKraft Product  
  • Instrumental in the development and expansion of a FTSE 100 business, adding new products and services and expanding the digital landscape 
  • Programme Manager of a Digital Transformation Programme that led to a significant digital transformation of the Retail Energy Sector in the UK
  • Integrating Strategy and Advisory as a Service in Discover Digital since 2017 

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